Meet Mdu Ntuli

Mdu Ntuli

Mdu Ntuli started drawing cartoons at an early age, and published his first comic strip, called Bob & Queng, in 2002 in a University internal newspaper.  A few months later he was offered a space in the Sunday Times Newspaper in the ReadRight section to do "the Siblings" comic strip. In 2003/2004 he created a comic strip called Illity for Y-mag. It was around that time when he decided to create the comic company/brand Mdu Comics, with vision of creating a truly free-thinking creative cartooning business.

In 2006 and 2007 he was contracted to do simple animations for the production houses Red Pepper and Urban brew. With the experience gained there, he developed his own animated cartoon called "Zuluboy and Rudolph" and many other short animated films for advertising, education and entertainment

He also programmed several innovative online applications like,, , Zuluboy game and . He continues to create cartoons, South African street animation and cool applications.

Mdu Ntuli's History files

2003 - We start off with  a lot of practice and compiling a portfolio. Then looked for a news paper slot for print cartoons and offer graphic design services. Ability to do work is there but there's formal training. We learning the business with the help of Rico Schacherl.

2004 -We earn a slot in Y-mag, Sunday Times and other private internal magazines.

2005 - We make our first 48 pager comic book called Kruger Park with help Miodrag Pepic in L&K Print. And learned flash animation.

2006 - We learn how to write animation stories via Anamazing Workshop (APTI, NFVF and SABC). We attempt to do an animated music video to branch into animation.

2007 - Our animated video lands us an opportunity to work with Red Pepper and Urban Brew with the help of Mike Scott. We create our first animated show called "Zuluboy and Rudolph".

2008 - We continue to service cartoons, animation and Graphic Design work.

2009 - We continue to service cartoons, animation and Graphic Design work. We developed

2010 - We created Izikhokho Show.

2011 - We attempted to do a sci-fi movie called Shaka Zulu vs. Hanzo, project failed lack of resources. We continue with Izikhokho Show.

2012 -  We created (coin tossing game online). We were also Youtube's second most viewed channel in South Africa.

2013 - We created another relationships hit animated comedy called "Unhappy Husband". We visited Annecy International Animation Festival. Google invited us to be a South African ambassador for the Africa Connected campaign.
We also researched and studied designing embedded systems and robotics (Nerds stuff). Thereafter we invented

2014 - We introduce custom made charity arcade games. And continue to do cartoons with a bit of 3d animation research on side. The struggle continues...

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