Don't get us wrong; we love to make cartoons but we also like to come up with inventions and fresh business ideas. We believe it is what our country needs right now.

Koppie Dice (Coin Game 2014)

Koppie Dice is an old school coin game played with 3 die and a mat with six symbols (Club, heart, spade, crown, star and a diamond). A player places some coins on symbols on the mat then the die are thrown any matching coins are paid one to one.

Mdu Comics Internet Arcade (Since 2014)

Mdu Comics Arcade in new public gaming solution where we take old or second hand computers and turn them into arcade machines.

 We design and deploy custom made arcade machines that accept 50cents to R5.00 coins per play in public areas. We split the funds between the shop owners and ourselves (Mdu Comics and Charity organizations).

Coinjar (Since 2013)

CoinJar is many things. Here are a few definitions:

1. CoinJar is a portable coin collection unit that can to turn any website into a Vending machine. 2. CoinJar is a campaign to centralize spare change coins for "new industries\Ideas" activation. 3. CoinJar is a machine that converts coins to online money to avoid credit card payments.

These are a few definitions that come into mind. To sum it up, there's a machine that can plug to internet and collect coins for whatever reason.

CoinJar is 100% transparent.


Radio Ad Animated (Since 2013)

Creating animated cartoon is complex. The process requires music and sound effects recording, character design and the animation itself. Fortunately a radio ad is a portion of the job, all that is left is adding moving images to add more life into the story

Tolika (Since 2010)

Tolika is an application that helps South Africans translate other South African official languages to their own.
South Africa has 11 official languages sometimes it is difficult to get a simple message across the citizens.
Having an online multi-language dictionary can help overcome this challenge at the same time preserve the heritage of these languages

UML (Since 2007)

UML started in 2007 its aim was to give unsigned artists a platform to sell their content. It was mainly dependent on Cellular Network giants like MTN or Vodacom for digital sales. This became a problem as most profits were taken by these companies instead of the artists.

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