CoinJar is many things. Here are a few definitions:

1. CoinJar is a portable coin collection unit that can to turn any website into a Vending machine.
2. CoinJar is a campaign to centralize spare change coins for "new industries\Ideas" activation.
3. CoinJar is a machine that converts coins to online money to avoid credit card payments.

These are a few definitions that come into mind. To sum it up, there's a machine that can plug to internet and collect coins for whatever reason.

CoinJar is 100% transparent.


Things you can do with your COINJAR coins
Zwippi - Heads or tails game. [ Try ]
2. Group Buy property* - Buy property as group and rent it out. [ Try ]
3. Sport Bet - Put your coins where your mouth is. [ Try ]
4. Group Lotto - Play lotto as group and share winnings. [ Try ]

Type CoinJar Name Status History Amount Action
0 Mpho @ Braamfontein Center OffRefreshed 3 years ago View ATM History R 466.94 6
0 Karabo @ Wits O Week OffRefreshed 4 years ago View ATM History R 22.00 6
ARCADE Value Meat (Witbank) OffRefreshed 1 year ago View ATM History R 11.70 The game is idle now, no one is playing.
ARCADE RED DIAMOND (Witbank) OffRefreshed 11 months ago View ATM History R 731.10 The game is idle now, no one is playing.
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