About us

What is Mdu Comics?

Mdu Comics is a innovative design, cartoon and online software* company based in Johannesburg South Africa. It was founded by Mdu Ntuli in 2003. Our aim is to offer competitive branding and marketing services at an affordable price; and organise the local comic industry, whilst at the same time develop entertainment for ordinary people of the world.


Because creating content can be expensive to produce; we have decided to make our cartoons accessible to any publisher or broadcaster on a "pay per play basis". Call us for more details. Note: Syndication his is not for commissioned television shows.

Sponsorship & Brand Placement

Be listed as a sponsor in some of cartoons. Contact us for more details.

Street Vendors

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that our retail shops don’t have much room for new content. In light of this we have to take our business to the streets. We believe there’s a new clean industry to be taken advantage of.


We foresee the future of education being dominated by the internet. An average learner will go to school with a pen, notebook and an iPad. This will replace “most” textbooks and some print educational material. Mdu Comics see this as an opportunity to create educational content for schools, private sector and government. This can also create stable jobs for research teachers, artists and voice-over artists. This is big idea and sponsorship would give us a big advantage to help execute this

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